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The Monster Leaf Bag Story

The ultimate leaf bag

In the fall of 2001, I was collecting leaves with my ride on mower in Bedford, MA. My home has about a half acre of lawn and a half dozen mature oak and maple trees. Collecting leaves with my ride on mower was a familiar but frustrating task, because the two grass bins filled up so fast! Every hundred feet or so, the bins would be full yet again, so I’d drive to the unload spot, stop the mower, empty the bins, and restart the process a total of 20 times to complete the yard. Each time repeated the cycle of stopping and restarting the engine. And, each time my frustration further increased because the bins were mostly full of air, and actually produced only an insignificant pile of leaves. I tried raking, but this was even harder work and took more time. I considered a vacuum trailer machine or a lawn service, but both were expensive. Also, the vacuum trailer is an infrequently used, hard to store item. I knew that there had to be a better way.

What if my mower had a monster sized bag instead of the two small bins? A bag that could hold up to five or six times the volume would mean that I’d have to unload only four or five times instead of twenty times. That would be an excellent solution, as every extra trip unloading bins is wasted time. Having a knack for design, I knew that I could make it easy and fast to use. Leaves are light, so a large bag could be handled by the average homeowner. I’d design it to fold up into a small package, since it would only be used a few times each year. Inspired, I made my first prototype. It worked, but needed improvement. One year and a few prototypes later, the Monster Leaf Bag was working so well that my friends and neighbors asked to buy one for their yard.

Because of the excitement, and the positive feedback I received from all who used it, I decided to transform the Monster Leaf Bag into a commercial product. I continued making improvements, and in April 2003 I received a US Patent. I then spent three years exploring a wide variety of options for getting this product manufactured. It was a challenge finding a vendor who could provide the high quality and affordability that I wanted, but I was successful.

Now, after thousands of Monster Leaf Bags, a new improved version is available. It is larger and fits five different outdoor power products; lawn tractors and zero turn mowers, commercial mowers, leaf blower vacuums, wood chippers / shredders and lawn vacuums.

Thank you to all of our customers who continually asked for improvements and gave me the encouragement to make it happen.

We strive to provide homeowners with an affordable solution that is practical, simple to use, and easy to store for one of life’s vexing chores: the annual removal of leaves from your lawn. Please let me know how the Monster Leaf Bag works for you.

Damon DeHart

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  • Hey guys! Just bought you product after seeing my neighbor with it last year. I'm a police officer who works overnights, have a wife who works full time, and 2 young kids who I watch during the afternoon hours leaving only the hours after my wife gets home to actually sleep. Needless to say there's little time to keep up with the big yard that I have. This year as in years past the fall dump had gotten away from me. I picked up your product and though it took me a while I can only imagine the number of times I would have had to dump the regular rear bagger (most likely days!) GREAT product and design!!!!  

    from Joe
  • Damon, You should get an award. I love this bag. I'm sure you get emails like this all the time, but I just had to write to thank you for thinking of such a simple thing that has saved me so much time and money. It used to take me more than 40 hours to rake and blow my leaves. I was ready to buy one of those big trailer contraptions for vacuuming and mulching. But I saw your ad and decided to try that first, because those big machines are over $1000. I put that silly-looking bag on the back of my Snapper lawn mower and just mowed the leaves. I couldn't believe it. Now I'm on my second year with it, and I just cleared my whole lawn in one hour sitting on my lawn mower. What could be easier? You're awesome!!!

    Tom Lowell, Mass.
  • Hi, I just wanted to tell you that this year with a ton of oaks in my yard, I decided there must be a better way, I went onto the web and found a few solutions, one of which was your "Monster Leaf Bag". I noticed you were local to the area and I used your dealer locator to find Toreku Tractor. Well, working in Littelton, I drove the whole 6 miles down the road to Toreku and purchased the Monster Leaf Bag. When I got it home and tried it, I knew I was happy to have found a better way. All this is great but it's not what prompted this memo. Since I purchased it, I've started telling everyone about it at work and there have already been 4 or 5 guys that have run down and picked one up. I'm not sure if there is any kind of leaflet or flyer that you have put together but if you'd like me to post it at my place of work in Littleton, I'd be glad to do so. Thanks for creating such a great product,

  • I don't usually write product reviews, but I was impressed by the Monster Leaf Bag. I ordered it on a Tuesday, and it was here at my door by Thursday. The bag is designed very well. It attaches to the lawn mower easily with the draw string, flappers, and clips. I did not loose many leaves due to blowing out the seams. It was a lot easier than raking and blowing the leaves. The capacity is much improved over using the small bins, and the tube from the lawn deck to the bagger does not clog. What a great design. It saved me time and energy. Thank you,

    Stephen Worcester, MA
  • Bought MBag about 10 months ago. Just used it today. The Monster Leaf Bag saved me about $1500+. I had been thinking of buying a vac trailer. NO NEED to - the Monster Bag is fantastic. This is a well thought out product, easy to use and quality is superb. I bought this for an apartment building - worked great. I brought it home and did mine and three neighbors yards in the time it would have taken to rake just one front yard. Can't wait to begin building the front rake project and use it in the Spring. Thank you for such a great product.  

    Tom M. Wisconsin
  • Loved it from the very first time I used it. Easy to install and easy to unload. Can't imagine going back to my 2-bin bagger for doing leaves. Truly holds 5 times what I could collect in the bins.