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Commercial Mower

Collection Bag

The Monster Leaf Bag is an enormous reusable leaf collection bag that cinches around your metal side mount grass catcher, such as the Gobbler and Accelerator brands used on commercial mowers.

It's a monster of a bag, 6 ft. x 10 ft laid flat or 24 cu ft of collection volume. Collect five or six times more volume than the metal grass catcher alone. It gets the job done fast by greatly increasing the collecting capacity while reducing the number of stops for emptying.

Cost effective for smaller jobs that don't warrant a vacuum leaf collection truck. Fewer workers can switch out multiple bags as they fill up to keep your mowers busy collecting.

The tough commercial quality 8 mil thick poly-tarp bag is double stitched on all seams for strength. The material's slick surface promotes instant dumping of bagged contents into your truck or trailer. The Monster Leaf Bag is faster than blowing leaves into piles and then transferring them to trailers.

Also, use the Monster Leaf Bag on your gas leaf blowers or electric leaf blowers converted to vacuum. The Monster Leaf Bag replaces the tiny lawn bags, that came with the leaf blowers. Collect up to 10 times more volume than the small leaf bags. You make only 1 stop compared to 10 stops to empty when using the Monster Leaf Bag.

Deploy smaller crews with Monster Leaf Bags, get jobs done faster and make more profit.

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